Caps Construction

A chimney cap is an investment that all chimneys should have. Made from 100% stainless steel, and with the everguard lifetime warranty,Kiwi Chimney Services has the cap for your chimney!
We also have the ability to custom make any size cap so no job is impossible.

No waiting weeks for a custom made cap, Kiwi Chimney Services can provide most custom made caps within 5-6 days!

Chimney caps have many benefits, some of these are:

* Keeps unwanted moisture from rain and snow pouring in.
* Keeps leaves, sticks and other debris out of the chimney.
* Prevents animals, birds and bats from entering chimney.
* Spark arrestor! During a chimney fire, or even a normal burn, the spark arrestor keeps fiery chunks inside, and away from the homes!

So if it's a chimney cap or a chase cover you need, then Kiwi Chimney Services has you covered.

Please feel free to contact us for a quotation and have our team install your chimney cap today.

Copper Cap Chase Cover
Various Cap options.
Multi-Flue Cap Stainless Cap More cap options.


Are you experiencing a problem when you light your fire? Cold air coming down your chimney? These are signs of a down draft and can be costing you money! There is a solution to these problems, a Lock Top Damper. A lock top damper seals to the top of your chimney, taking the place of the cast iron damper in your fireplace. With an air tight seal cold down drafts can no longer come down your chimney, more importantly, the heat inside your house is not going up the chimney!

A locktop damper is 90% more effecient then a standard cast iron damper, giving a good reason to replace that old damper. If you just want to save yourself money by eliminating heat and cooling loss, and your damper has at some stage been removed, or you want to rid that down draft issue, then let us install your Locktop damper today.

Lock Top Damper
Yet more options.

EverGuard Chimney
Locktop Damper
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