Cleaning Services

Whether it's a fireplace, woodstove, pellet stove or a furnace flue, cleanings should be done on an annual basis.

We have the expertise and tools to cover all situations.
Regular cleaning of your appliances will also mean a better draft and more efficient burning system, saving you money in the process.

A common problem in fireplaces and woodstoves is creosote build up. This chemical is a natural by product of wood burning. Many factors can contribute to the increase of creosote build up, the most common cause of chimney fires.
Chimney fires happen when creosote builds up in the flue and ignites. These fires can rage at temperatures up to 2000 degrees and roar inches away from your home. The intense heat alone can bring surrounding materials to the flash point, and ignite your home. Also, sparks from the fire can find their way through small cracks in the liner and quickly turn into a house fire.

Kiwi Chimney Services has the ability and tools to remove excess creosote build up, leaving your fireplace/woodstove safe to burn another season.
We also clean pellet stoves and pellet venting systems, as per most guidelines, your pellet stove venting should be cleaned approximately every 2 tons of pellets.

If it's a sweep you need we have you covered!

Our business hours are:
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