Inspection Services

If you are selling your home, buying a new home or simply wanting to be certain your chimney and venting systems are safe, an annual inspection is a great way to obtain peace of mind.

Based on NFPA211 guidelines, your CSIA certified chimney sweep will provide a complete inspection. Your fireplace and flue liner, furnace flue, flashing and chimney exterior will be inspected, any problems will be clearly communicated.

Although you may not use your fireplace, it is important to inspect your furnace or heating appliance flue.

High efficiency furnaces do not waste energy by sending heat up the chimney. As a result temperatures in the flue drop low enough to produce condensation. This water combines with acids in the flue to create acidic moisture. Clay liners are particularly vulnerable to this acidic moisture assault.

A damaged furnace flue poses a real threat of carbon monoxide poisoning, because this gas can escape through the smallest crack. Also, a partial or complete collapse of a clay flue liner can block the flue, and quickly fill the house with deadly gas. Sadly this tragedy occurs in homes across the country every year, stressing the importance of an annual chimney inspection.

It is also important to ensure your woodstove, pellet stove and furnace is venting correctly and meets code.
If you were to have an issue, damage may not be covered by your insurance company if your appliance does not meet code.

Our business hours are:
Monday-Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm

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